Some Client Testimonials

Excel O365 Training online via Teams

"We can't thank you enough for being able to provide the training for our crew.

Everyone was OH SO appreciative, loved the way in which you conducted the training, and were each able to gain some valuable insights and skills that will really make life easier going forward. 😊

In this current environment we weren’t sure how it would work without having the ability to be face-to-face as we normally would, but it is a way that I would now highly recommend thanks to you!

It was great to see the interaction and general interest from everyone, I think people were initially surprised at just how much they were able to take away from your sessions!

And, I think you brought a ‘little nerd’ out in each of us hahaha!””

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Word Level 2 Training

"Hi Wendy. I completed your Microsoft Word II course last week. I completed your review form then packed my bag and proceeded to take it home. Very sorry. You scored very highly on my form. Just to let you know.

Ok what I realised is all the ways your courses have helped me. I will never be fantastic on a computer as I barely get time to practice. I will probably never have an office job because it’s just not me. But I have realised that I am more capable than I ever thought. You have given me the confidence to at least be brave enough to tackle more computer usage than I ever thought I would. I realised that I probably won’t break it even if I try very, very hard.
Even though by the end of the day I probably have you wondering if I’m actually taking any of it in. Well I am. And each course has gelled a bit more information from the one before and the one before. You have even given me the confidence to try internet banking.
So I am just trying to say thank you for helping me so much."

Bendigo Health

Excel 2010 Level 3 Training

"My 10 cents worth…..
I think Wendy has one of the best deliveries of training methods that I have ever seen.
Team or One on One
Ensures understanding from everyone so no one is left behind
……….And speaks in terms that the average human being is familiar with"

Brett Zahra
Supply Chain Manager

Meritor HVS Australia Ltd.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Wendy Stibbe for over 10 years. Wendy is a dynamic communicator and an excellent trainer.  She's a dedicated, knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging trainer.  I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Wendy to any company and look forward to having her back at Tupperware on many more occasions to come."

Nicole Congreve
Human Resources

Ex Tupperware Australia | New Zealand

"The training sessions provided by Wendy have been highly beneficial and invaluable.  Wendy has provided numerous training services to both in-house staff as part of my workplace management and also to a broader spectrum of professionals as part of my involvement with CPA Australia.  Wendy’s ability to cover all levels of expertise in a pleasant and tranquil manner enables staff to gain confidence and achieve a greater understanding and learning.   I highly recommend Wendy to any professional group wishing to attain greater use and efficiency from their Microsoft Office products.   This is evidenced by my continued use of her services."

Seppe Marsili CPA
Finance Manager
Acting Business Director - Medical Services

Bendigo Health

"We have been using Wendy for more than the past ten years to deliver various levels of Microsoft Suite product training throughout our organisation. Over the past few years, I have seen a large increase in the online eLearning products available within the marketplace providing ‘a cheaper more flexible’ alternative. After trialling some of these eLearning products through the organisation, the classroom training still remains our preferred delivery methodology. Wendy provides a very flexible program which can be easily adapted to the learner’s individual learning style and skill level, something which eLearning products don’t offer. In addition, the improvement in the skill level of our employees using Microsoft is evident and well worth the investment. The learning materials provided to us were extremely professional, with employees referring to Wendy’s ‘tips sheets’ on a daily basis as a continued reference tool. We will definitely use Wendy well into the future and I highly recommend her for your MS training needs."

Paul Wiffrie
Training Manager

PACCAR Australia Pty Ltd (Kenworth Trucks)


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