Q With current restrictions in place that make face to face training challenging, what can you offer me and my staff?
A I am offering training for small groups face to face or online training via Teams. My online sessions are 1 hour long and are based around topic specific training. These can be written specific to your requests.
Q How long are your Online training session?
A Online training is generally conducted via Teams and are 1 hour duration. I can schedule 4 sessions in a day if you require more than 1 topic.
Q How long can a face to face training session be?
A From a minimum of 3 hours to usually 1 day, depending on the topics required and the current skill level of the delegates undertaking the training.
Q How many people can be in a session?
A Minimum of 1 and ideally not more than 12. This would depend on the type of type of delivery and the skills and topics covered in the session. Online sessions are usually limited to about 8.
Q Will delegates receive a qualification from this training?
A As I am not a Registered Training Organisation I am only able to offer a Certificate of Attendance if required by the employer.
Q Do I need to be of a particular level prior to undertaking training?
A I can assist you in determining what level of training is required for you or your staff by conducting a Training Needs Analysis prior to undertaking training.
Q    Can I have on-going help after my training or am I left on my own?
A   With all courses that I deliver I offer free ongoing support via email or phone on the topics covered in the training session.  If I am required to attend your place of business to assist then there is a charge for this service.
Q Am I able to provide feedback to you after the training?
A Most definitely. I strongly encourage feedback whilst the session is being conducted and after the session. I am a strong believer in constructive feedback that helps me to deliver training in future.
Q What if I am wanting something that is not covered in a typical training course?  For example, I may want to cover more than one application in a session?
A All sessions that I undertake can be customised to suit the clients requirements.  We simply need to sit down together and work out the topic/s required and then I customise the content and handouts to suit.
Q Do you have training premises?
A I conduct training at either your place of business or there is the potential to hire a venue for the training.


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